Flipping the Script From Cost Centers to Profit Centers in Service



About Webinar


The traditional view of service as solely cost-incurring entities is undergoing a significant shift. More and more, businesses are recognizing the strategic potential of their service operations and are actively seeking to transform them into profit centers.

While most organizations recognize service’s impact on customer satisfaction, service can also contribute to the top line by eliminating areas of revenue leakage, uncovering new opportunities for contract and part sales, and providing intelligence to create revenue opportunities for new equipment or new services.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Moving beyond basic repair -- moving beyond traditional repair services to offer more comprehensive solutions like extended warranties, equipment upgrades, and even full-service leasing options.

  • Focusing on customer lifetime value -- increasing customer satisfaction also creates opportunities for upselling and cross-selling additional services.

  • Reducing revenue leakage and maximizing attach rates -- improve visibility into entitlements and contracts throughout the service lifecycle and how this impacts cost reduction and revenue growth

  • Leveraging technology -- the role of digital tools like online service portals, mobile apps, IoT, field service management platforms and the impact on customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and profitability

  • Addressing competition and market demands -- differentiating by focusing on the customer experience and offering value-added services, such as custom packages, training, additional service offerings